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Online Solar Product Sales

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  Online Solar Product Sales business.

  Business Overview

  Solar products are a prime example of a specialty product that sells well via the Internet simply because many specialty consumer products are commonly not found for sale at 'bricks and mortar' establishments in small cities and communities. Once again, the main requirement will be to establish a resale or distribution agreement with one or more manufacturers of solar-powered products. The rest is simple. Create and post your Web site on the Internet. Like many cyberventures, the key to success will lie within your ability to effectively market and promote the Web site in such a fashion that the end result is visitor hits and a lot of them. This can be accomplished in the following manner:
  *. Register the Web site with search engines using key search words.
  *. Hyperlink the site with sites related to the environment, alternate power sources, and sites focused on recycling topics.
  *. Rent banner advertising space or participate in a banner advertising exchange program.
  *. Place articles about the benefits of solar-powered products and promote the site in the numerous online newsgroup forums.
  *. Place advertisements in traditional print media that focuses on the environment and recycling.
  *. Acquire mailing lists of people and organizations interested in topics and subjects pertaining to the environment and recycling, and start a direct mail and e-mail campaign.
  *. List the site with online e-malls and community Web sites.
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