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Dollar Discount Store

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  Dollar Discount Store business.

  Business Overview

  Dollar or discount stores are popping up everywhere across North America, and that can only mean one of two things. Competition is too heavy and there will soon be a thinning process, or dollar storeowners are making money and expanding into new geographic areas of the country to capitalize on consumer demand. Given the popularity of dollar stores, and the fact that these stores require careful planning and a large start-up investment, my money is on number two. Competition is stiff, but there seems to be unlimited consumer demand for bargains and discount retail stores. The main objective in the discount retailing industry is two-fold, the first is to source and establish alliances with manufacturers of low-cost products, and the second is that the products have to be of reasonable quality and have a useful purpose. The best products to sell via discount stores fit the following profile:
  *. Inexpensive, retailing for less than $5.
  *. Kitchen products, toys, and household products.
  *. Less-expensive versions of popular name brand product.
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