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  What about a new low cost terminal, something like the old Commodore 64 but with new features: keyboard with integrated screen (40x10 chars), no hard disk, instead flash memory (1 gig), serial port, USB port, internal modem and thermal printer... that's it. Programmable in Basic, C, Pascal or some other low level language.
  Lots of small merchants would like the idea of billing (for example) with this low cost terminals, and lots of programmer will have the opportunity of become in contractors, consultants, independient programmers, etc.
  Not everybody needs all the features and devices that come with a PC (which make 'em very expensive by the way). This terminal could cost, let's say... $50-$100? I'm sure they will spread and the programmers will get money. Don't think in rich countries where almost everybody can afford a PC, they are the least, think in the huge amount of people that can't afford a normal PC but need it or something like it. Programmer can develop light programs to connect to Internet and you could access your email and text web pages too, like some cell phones do.
  Yes, we have Palm, Verifone, Treo and lots of other hand helds stuff, but are still expensive and require very expensive licenses for software deploying.
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