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Window Washing Service

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  Window Washing Service business.

  Business Overview

  Window washing is the granddaddy of all home service businesses to start. Some of the reasons why are as follows:
  *. Proven consumer demand with millions of potential repeat clients.
  *. Low start-up investment and low fixed operating overheads.
  *. No special skills or business experience required, and the business can be managed from a homebased office with or without staff.
  *. Flexible full- or part-time hours, no inventory to stock or warehouse.
  *. Can be operated on a year-round basis offering interior and exterior window cleaning.
  *. A window washing service can generate sales in excess of $50,000 per year.
  *. Unlimited growth potential and even franchise expansion possibilities.
  Individually each one of these reasons represents a good argument for starting a window washing service. However, when you combine all of these reasons, it creates a very strong argument for launching a window washing enterprise. Marketing a window washing service is simple. However, be sure not to overlook residential and commercial strata properties (a cooperative of owners, such as a condo building), as these corporations usually budget for window cleaning once or twice per year, and securing a few of these contracts can really beef up yearly sales and profits. Access to the strata corporation market can be gained by establishing contact with property management firms. These firms will indicate when and when window washing contracts are becoming available and the tendering or estimating process that will be used to award the contract to a qualified contractor.
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