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MF-Standard for Hamburgers

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  Have you ever wondered if you get your money's worth out of a hamburger purchase? We all know that choosing the right burger is a tough decision nowadays: Some burgers are flatter than others, some may have several stories, and once in a while they even come with vegetables inside! So how should you know if a burger is really better than its counter-product? Well, that's what I invented the Mouth Full-Standard for: The MF-Test will answer the question by telling you how many bites it takes me to eat a hamburger when I really concentrate (the burger, of course). That way, you can compare ALL hamburgers and base your decision on real facts.
Already tested: Cheeseburger (Burger King) MF 1.7
Double-Cheeseburger (McDonalds) MF 2.0
Bic Mac (McDonalds) MF 2.8
Frank Jones
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