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Bridal and Fashion Show Promoter

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  Bridal and Fashion Show Promoter business.

  Business Overview

  Excellent profits can be earned by organizing and hosting bridal and fashion shows. The shows can take place four times per year and feature bridal and clothing fashions for that season. You can rent a ballroom or banquet hall to host the event and with some clever negotiation skills you may even be able to secure the venue at no charge providing you can convince management that food and beverage sales will be more than sufficient rent payment. Local merchants in the bridal and fashion industry can be easily secured to showcase their products and services, as there is no cost to the merchants to participate in the show. Revenues to support the business and generate a profit are earned by charging an admission fee to the show, as well as by selling advertising space in the event program and in the form of banners and place cards at tables. Additionally, be sure to secure a co-sponsor of the events such as a newspaper or radio station that can assist in promotion. Expanding the business is as easy as promoting and hosting the shows in different communities, and for the truly innovative entrepreneurs you can even establish a Web site that features a year-round online bridal and fashion show, as well as promotes the live versions as they take place.
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