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Specialty Wiring Service

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  Specialty Wiring Service business.

  Business Overview

  Put your basic construction and wiring experience to work for you by starting a specialty wiring service. Computers, built-in speakers, fire and security alarms, and televisions all have one thing in common'most still require hardwiring in order to work. And until the day that all techno toys, gadgets, and home electronics are wireless there will be a huge demand for the services of a wiring specialist. Starting this business does not mean that you need to be a certified electrician as these types of wiring jobs are nonelectrical or low voltage and do not require a certificate to install. However, basic tools and a good understanding of wiring and networking systems is required. You can provide specialty wiring installation for both new construction and retrofitting of homes and offices. It is obviously easier to install wiring cable and products in a new construction situation, but this segment of the industry is also much more competitive. Additionally, some wiring installation contractors prefer to specialize in one or two types of wiring, such as computer networks or built-in sound and speaker systems. Depending on your experience and local competition in the marketplace you may want to also consider specialization. Market your products and services by developing partnerships with builders of new homes, renovation contractors, and residential and commercial property management companies. Also an excellent income can be earned by subcontracting your services to existing businesses, such as alarm companies (certificate or bonding may be required), electronic and computer retailers, TV cable providers, and satellite TV retailers. Currently specialty wiring installers are charging in the range of $40 per hour for the service, plus materials used.
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