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Auto First-Aid Kits

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  Auto First-Aid Kits business.

  Business Overview

  Are you searching for a small homebased business opportunity that has unlimited growth potential and that can be set in motion for a modest start-up investment? If so, perhaps you should consider starting a business that specializes in manufacturing and wholesaling automotive first-aid kits. The first-aid kits can include items such as water, bandages, and roadside safety signals, all packaged in a convenient carrying case with a handle. The kits can be sold on a wholesale basis to retailers, direct to car dealers, and to automotive service clubs. The first-aid kits can also be sold directly to consumers via the Internet, and by establishing weekend sales kiosks at flea markets, busy malls, and car and truck shows. Automotive first-aid kits are currently retailing in the range of $25 to $100 depending on the contents of the kit. To generate additional revenues and profits, a roadside first-aid guide could be developed and included with the first-aid kits, or the guide could be sold as an independent product.
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