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  Courier Service business.

  Business Overview

  There are numerous approaches that can be taken in terms of starting a courier business. The first is to specialize in small envelopes and small packages only. The second approach is to specialize in local delivery of medium-sized boxes and packages. The third is to specialize in delivery of large equipment and multibox shipments. While all three approaches have their pros and cons, by far the easiest and least expensive courier business to start is one that specializes in small packages and envelopes. Generally, courier drivers work on a commission-split basis, or a flat fee per delivery basis, and are responsible for transportation costs. The responsibility of the courier company is to ensure there is enough work to keep the drivers busy, and to supply central radio dispatched delivery information and instruction. The best way to market a new courier service is to hire direct sales consultants to cold call companies to secure courier services accounts. Profit potential range is $40,000+ per year.
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