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Bicycle Courier Service

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  Bicycle Courier Service business. Peddle up profits with a bicycle courier service.

  Business Overview

  The first step in starting your own bicycle courier service is to check and see if a courier license is required for your vicinity. If a license is not required, or you can secure one easily, the second step is to begin marketing your new bicycle courier service. You can charge similar rates for envelopes and small parcels as the motorized couriers charge, with the benefit being your overheads will be a fraction of theirs. One person can easily operate a bicycle courier service with a cellular phone for incoming delivery inquiries. The business can be expanded to include multiple bike couriers with a central dispatch system. Either way, this low-cost business venture is a sure-fire way to earn an excellent income and stay very fit.

  The Market

  Ideal candidates include law firms and design companies. To attract clients simply set appointments with local companies who would require fast, reliable and local delivery service.
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