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Waterproofing Service

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  Waterproofing Service business. Help protect your clients' property from the elements with a waterproofing service.

  Business Overview

  Starting a waterproofing service for residential homes means that you can specialize in one or two particular types of waterproofing, such as concrete foundations or solariums. Or, the service can focus on waterproofing solutions in general for residential homes. Waterproofing services can be promoted and marketed to both residential homeowners and property management companies by employing traditional advertising and marketing mediums and methods. The service can also be offered to renovation and construction companies on a subcontract basis. The key to success in this type of repair business is to have a good working knowledge of construction practices and the ability to properly assess water ingress problems. As this type of repair business is highly specialized, true professionals will have no problem in creating a business income that can easily surpass $100,000 per year. A great additional revenue source for the service is to also become an exclusive agent representing manufacturers'' waterproofing products. Many of these types of specialized waterproofing products can be used in your business, as well as sold to architects, contractors, and the general public.
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