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  Simple, painless: Pay, and download. A supersite covering virtually every Make and Model, with a complete automotive repair E-book detailing the car as a rebuild... Much like the books you buy at the auto parts store. With books costing around 15-20 bux, one could easily charge $10 for E-books. There is nothing like this on the Internet today, even Chilton's Online only has these stupid interactive CD's you can order... Who cares, who wants to wait 2-4 weeks when the car is sitting in the driveway, broken? Keep it small, under 5 megs, hell, use Adobe format if you must. Trust me, and if you don't believe me, try and find, sometime, how to replace a throttle cable on a 1988 Thunderbird LX... You'll see what I mean, it's just not possible.
  P.S.: Not for the feeble-minded, a site like this would take a *ton* of work.
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