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  Pet Memorials business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a pet memorial business is a fantastic opportunity for the enterprising entrepreneur to establish and build into a very successful and solid business venture. The basis of the business is very straightforward. Select four various styles of rocks or monuments that are approximately one foot square. They do not have to be expensive. Once you have selected the stone that will be used for the memorial, select an artist to draw ten designs that will be used as the standard for the memorials. The only part of the memorial that will be customized will be the pet's name and possibly a date. Next, you will want to set up accounts with retailers such as veterinarians, pet food stores, and pet grooming salons who will act as the authorized distributors of the pet memorial. All the distributors should have an order catalog, as well as a sample of the memorial on site. These retailers will simply take orders from their customers and fax a completed order form for the pet memorial to your office. You can subcontract the sandblasting of the memorial to a local firm as well as the delivery. Aim to establish 100 accounts with local pet-related stores and it will not take long to build a very solid and profitable business.
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