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  Dog Sled Training And Tours business.

  Business Overview

  Learning how to dog sled is becoming increasingly popular, and not just in the winter. You can start your own dog sledding school for less than a $20,000 investment, and operate the business on a year-round basis using sleds with runners in the winter and sleds with wheels in the summer. I made inquires into one such type of operation. This business offered all-inclusive dog sled training for a fee of $2,200 per person for one week. As well, they also offered a two-day mini vacation tour for people that wanted to be involved in the action, but were not interested in learning how to dog sled. Promote the business by advertising in travel and recreation magazines and on a Web site, as well as by establishing alliances with travel agents and other tour operators and training schools. Additionally, be sure to initiate a direct-mail advertising campaign aimed at sports associations and clubs, as you may be able to attract multiple students or guests by providing group discounts. However, keep in mind that starting this type of business will take a great amount of research, planning, and training as you will have to know a lot about dog sledding and even more about northern breed dogs.
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