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Mobile Rock Climbing

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  Mobile Rock Climbing business.

  Business Overview

  We all know how popular rock climbing has become in the past decade, and here is a business that you can start based on a successful and proven theme. A mobile rock climbing wall that is mounted on a trailer and designed for fast assembly and dismantling can be used both for instruction and business promotion purposes.
  instruction: This aspect of the business is very straightforward. Market the rock climbing instruction classes to corporations, organizations, clubs, and schools who pay a flat hourly, half-day, or full-day fee, as opposed to a per person instruction fee. business promotion: The second aspect of the business is much more unique. Companies within the local community hire the mobile rock climbing wall and your instruction capabilities to promote their own business for sales events, grand openings, and special occasions. Imagine the advertisement, 'Climb to the top of the wall, ring the bell, and receive 25 percent off the retail price.' The possibilities are endless for this type of unique promotion service.
  requirements: You or an employee will have to be a certified rock-climbing instructor. Furthermore, you will also need the expertise to build your mobile rock-climbing wall. Liability insurance and safety equipment are an absolute must in order to run a mobile rock climbing business.
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