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Winter fishing

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    So, what should you take for winter fishing ...
    Firstly, buy suitable fishing tackles for the place you are going to fish: fishing rods; thin but strong fishing line (do NOT save on the fishing line!); spoon-bait.
    Choose a float of an appropriate capacity: it should correspond to the spoon-bait. The floats can be made of flat spring steel or twisted spring wire.
    Secondly, buy or make a comfortable case. You will also need an ice drill or ice pick to make holes in the places which are potentially good for fishing. Then you will need a skimmer to scoop the ice hash out of the hole and a special box for grubs and gaffs storing.
    Thirdly, of course, buy suitable for such purposes clothes: warm waterproof shoes, warm overalls, warm jacket, cap and gloves without fingers.
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