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Fire Safety Ladders

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  Fire Safety Ladders business.

  Business Overview

  Every year across the United Stated thousands of people are injured or die as a result of fires. Many of these fire-related deaths and injuries could have been prevented had the victims had access to safety ladders enabling them to escape the burning building safely. Starting a business that manufactures, sells, and installs fire safety ladders for residential and commercial applications has the potential to generate profits that could easily exceed $250,000 per year due to an almost unlimited market for the product. The following options are available to the creative entrepreneur that establishes a fire safety ladder business:
  *. Manufacture and wholesale fire safety ladders; retailers like home improvement centers could act as the distribution channels.
  *. Manufacture and retail fire safety ladders directly to consumers who carry out their own installation. The fire safety ladders could be sold via the Internet and sales kiosk setup at malls and trade shows.
  *. Manufacture, sell, and install fire safety ladders directly to consumers via the above-mentioned methods with the addition of a direct-sales team.
  *. Manufacture and sell the fire safety ladders to construction industry companies only, such as new homebuilders. These companies would install the safety ladders.
  *. The business could combine any or all of these options into a business operating and marketing format.
  requirements: In addition to planning and research, also seek to have the safety ladders certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Not only will this likely be required for selling the ladders to consumers; it also provides consumers with peace of mind to know they are purchasing a proven and safe product. Additional requirements will include manufacturing facilities, transportation, and marketing. Also, seek to have the product endorsed by a professional association such as the Firefighters of America. A product endorsement such as this will greatly assist in marketing, as well as the consumers acceptance.
  start-up costs: The investment required to start this business will be substantial and could easily exceed $100,000. However, as a method of reducing the start-up costs for this enterprise, the fire safety ladders could be designed in prototype form and presold to national retailers based on the prototype example. Once this has been accomplished, an existing manufacturer could be awarded the manufacturing contract for the product. This is a terrific way to greatly reduce the capital required.
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