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InfraCode Automotive Black Box

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  If you're anything like me, you probably get frustrated when you're driving your car on to the interstate and, as you are about to get on, some idiot decides to slow down/speed up trying to keep you from getting on in front of him/her, causing you to run off the road and him/her going berserk and crashing into the concrete barrier inbetween traffic directions. The next thing you know the police arrive and they are trying to figure out who's at fault (and you know that it is all yours - sarcasm of course).
  Well any way, my idea is a device that would record all events that take place from the time you start your car including start time, time drive engaged, acceleration times/speeds, stop times, braking points/times, impacts. etc. That way, when you get in an accident, the police officer could point his handy InfraCode receiver at an infrared transmitter, say on the dash of the cars involved, and download all the information he needs to determine who is truly at fault. By knowing the information that I have spoken of about all vehicles involved, it would be very easy to determine who is at fault. Maybe even a program could be written to interpret the data and come to a conclusion within a few seconds. Actually this would be quite simple to implement as opposed to some other ideas.
Eric J. Flynn
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