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  Home Office Planner business. Think you have the key to office space success? Help entrepreneurs design their home bases.

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  First-time attempts to work or operate a business from home often meet with frustration and confusion about how to get started, because functional room design is more important than most people think. Being disorganized, too much noise, too small a workspace and having the wrong office furniture and equipment are common problems for the new home based worker. They're also the basis of starting a home office planning service with the focus on assisting employees and business owners to establish, or make the transition to, a home based office. Working one-on-one with clients, you can develop successful work and organization plans that are tailored to their specific needs. Focus on topics such as office layout design, ergonomics, security systems and devices, storage solutions, recycling programs, work routine schedules, computer and technology integration, communications systems and suitable equipment and supply requirements. Make sure you market your services to corporations, as many are now allowing key employees to work from home-based offices as telecommuters.
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