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Portable Oxygen Source

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  Idea: To make a light weight portable oxygen generator.
  With the current alarming levels of Suspended Particulate Matter in air, there has been a corresponding increase in people with respiratory distress. A large number of portable oxygen devices are available in the market. These are either compressed gas cylinders, or chemical based generators. Some require an electric supply for use.
  A few years back Hitachi came out with a membrane that can go on the grill of a window Air Conditioner, which would enrich the exit air from the normal 20% to 40% oxygen. This will not harm normal people but enormously reduce the respiratory distress of people suffering from this type of disorder.
  Develop a wearable membrane based oxygen concentrator that can operate on the rather low differential pressure the human lung generates on inward breath.
  Advantages. No power, no chemicals, no heavy compressed gas cylinders, and virtually no recurring cost.
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