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  Online Pet Memorials business.

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  Take pet memorials into the high-tech world of the Internet and open your business to a global marketplace. Millions of pets die each year and to most owners these furry little creatures are more than pets, they are cherished members of the family. What better way to remember a family member than with the purchase of a memorial that will stand the test of time as a sign of respect and fondness. Here is how this online business enterprise could work. Create a Web site that features pet memorials, perhaps ten styles in varying sizes, shapes, and price ranges. Visitors to the site could select the style of memorial for their pet as well as typing in exactly what they want to say on the memorial. They would make payment via the site and submit the memorial order form. Once you have the completed order form, you can set about inscribing the memorial as outlined and ship it to the purchaser via courier when the memorial is completed. This type of Web site could be promoted by way of the usual online marketing and promotion options as well as placing display advertisements in print media relating to pets. Also be sure to initiate a direct mail and e-mail campaign aimed at veterinarians, pet store retailers, and pet breeders as word of this type of unique service will spread fast in the pet industry.
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