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  The old style ring pull I think went out of service in the early 80s and was replaced by the new version that remains attached to the can.
  I do remember that the old style removable ring pull was a massive litter problem.
  However for me the newer version is also a huge problem.
  1. I have a beard and quite often when I drink straight from the can, I get my moustache trapped under the ring pull. This is very painfull.
  2. The other thing I do not like about the ring pull is that when you open the ring pull, it forces the top into the can. Surely this must be un-hygienic!
  Yeah I know I am drinking from the can anyway. But some poeple dont.
  Solution: A plastic slider in the lid of the can. This could also be used to re-seal the can. Less spillages, last longer etc. Can also be re-sealed with one hand.
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