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Library Hotel in Thailand

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    A luxury hotel Library was opened on the Koh Samui island which is the most beautiful place in Thailand. This hotel offers travelers a new intellectual type of recreation. The main difference between the hotel Library and other resorts all over the world is that it offers a completely different approach to relaxation and recovery. Instead of usual all inclusive bar or restaurant near the pool, the hotel has a huge library.
    In this library, you can take any book to read while sunbathing on a chaise longue. It is believed that the book helps to relax better than alcohol.
    In addition to the extensive collection of books, there are a large number of audio and video CD and DVD discs in the library which one can either listen and watch on the spot or take in the room.
    There are also computers with internet access in the library. In general, this is the most common library, and everything there is like in the most ordinary library... but it is located in a luxury resort hotel next to a huge pool.
    Numerous guests of the hotel library are a direct proof that our world is "not heading for disaster" and that the human need in the spiritual and intellectual development prevail over the primitive pleasure from alcohol, drugs and sex.
    By the way, this is not the only hotel based on people's love for reading. There is also a hotel in New York, which combines the functions of a hotel, library and bookstore.
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