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Remodeling Project Management

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  Remodeling Project Management business. Coordinate all the different people and companies involved in a remodeling project to keep homeowners happy.

  Business Overview

  Turn your knowledge of construction and home renovation into big bucks by starting a remodeling project-management service focused on helping clients to manage their home, office, or store renovations, but especially in the red-hot residential home improvement industry. Regardless of whether a homeowner tackles his own renovation job, or if a renovation company is hired to perform the work, a nonbiased remodeling project-management service can save thousands of dollars, while ensuring that all work conforms to code and that the highest-quality products and installations are used. This is especially true for homeowners doing their own work: What permits do they need and where do they get them? In what order is the job completed? And the granddaddy of them all: How much will the entire project cost, including possible extra charges to deal with unforeseen circumstances? These are common questions that project managers answer, along with attending to other duties such as contacting and screening potential trades, establishing budgets, signing off on materials and labor, and keeping the project on-time and on-budget. Remuneration is by way of a flat pre-quoted fee to oversee the entire project or portions of the project, or by using a percentage, such as 12 percent of the total project value.
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