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How to select a tracksuit

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    Tracksuit is not the main point for outstanding results achieving. However, there are several features of sportswear which need to be known and taken into account:
      1. Clothes should never be tight.
      2. Avoid tight elastic bands and unreliable fasteners.
      3. Tracksuit should not be too warm.
      4. Sportswear (especially pants, shirts and socks) should be washed carefully and ironed as often as possible.
      5. Pockets on the tourists' and climbers' trousers should be certainly buttoned or zipped up.
      6. In the windy weather skiers are recommended to wear a light jacket or a shirt over a sweater. It is good to have ear flaps. They completely replace the cap.
      7. For cyclists pockets are preferred to be from behind.
      8. The most versatile tracksuit is the knitted cotton one.
      9. If the pants are tight and it is difficult to move legs, do several neat cuts on the side seams.
      10. Sneakers are the most versatile footwear. Put foam rubber insoles in your sneakers. Wash them with soap and dry thoroughly after each training.
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