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Double Pained Pipes and Hoses

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  Just like storm windows, a double pipe can keep the weather out, but PVC and steel pipes break in the winter even when they are insulated if they are single pipes. I have seen that pipes of any kind (plastic, steel, copper, etc.) used in any application come in any size you want them in. If you have a one inch pipe then you place the hardly useable insulation over it tightly, then you place a slightly larger pipe over it which provides a pocket of air around the inner pipe which will never freeze since it is never exposed to the air. Even glass can produce this effect. Imagine how easy this quick fix is for any type of pipe especially a plastic pipe of some sort when you are passing a liquid of any kind through it and you do not want its temperature to change.
  This idea is applicable to rubber hoses as well or any material holding any liquid where the temperature of the liquid is to remain the same. The real use is too keep the plumber away from the house when the pipes freeze because they are payed exorbitant prices and it takes days to go through an entire wall to repair and/or replace a pipe or hose.
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