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Expanding Stomache Filler

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  There are foams that that go into an area (the stomache for instance) and when the chemicals mix they form solids. We have starving children and we can make slowly, time released, solid foam stomache fillers to kill hunger and they can contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This is cheaper than vitamin shots and constant expensive feedings. If we add all components for life and kill hunger pains then, we have solved one of the World's most horrific problems. We can also add digestable/time released balloons with lard and other things like medicine for longer life spans or, just add that in the expanding foam product. It comes from what is know as A-B Foam but, that is toxic and is only used as a filler in fiberglass parts.
  You could also use this stomache filler, instead of surgery, to shrink the open space of the stomache and lessen hunger in order to loose weight.
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