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While starving to death on the street this is what I did

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I made so people can start a bank in a convenience store

I made the school of sexual education so people can learn how to please others(with more than just intercourse)

I made porn(over 18 of course),yoga, martial arts,language series and more on the phone and no store would sell my cards

I made text the message of god to help people keep their faith
all by text without internet

I am trying to make breathing nutritional supplements with a nebulizers(i dont know if this will work)

I tried to sell pillows on the greyhound(cause who would ride without a pillow)(maybe even blankets might be good )

The School of Sex covers all the areas you listed and more and is guaranteed worth billions around the world

I am now suffering tremendous depression due to the fact no one is interested

can you help me please
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