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First-Time Home Buyers Guide

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  First-Time Home Buyers Guide business.

  Business Overview

  Many of us remember, and many more will soon find out, that purchasing your first home is a major decision and task; the questions that arise about a home purchase are numerous. However, the answers always seem to be few and hard to get. Starting a business that writes and publishes an annual guide for first-time home buyers and features information such as mortgage details, home repair tips, and legal matters is a terrific homebased business venture to initiate. The guide should be widely distributed free of charge throughout the community it serves and can be supported by advertising sales made to community merchants and service providers that wish to be featured in the guide. Potential advertisers can include real estate agents and brokers, home improvement companies, landscape contractors, moving and storage firms, and just about any other business that is related to housing or real estate in general. Typically, these types of guides will cost in the neighborhood of $10,000 to $15,000 to publish, print, and distribute on an annual basis, but can easily generate advertising revenues of five or six times that amount. Once established, this type of business is perfect to be expanded on a national basis serving many communities by franchising the business operating systems to qualified operators.
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