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  Online Mortgage Broker business.

  Business Overview

  Applying for new mortgages or renewing an existing mortgage online has become a very popular practice for many homebuyers and homeowners. An online mortgage broker is a very competitive segment of the financial lending industry, thus for anyone considering this type on new online business venture you will have to employ some clever marketing strategies or seek niche markets in order to succeed and profit. In the spirit of seeking a niche market consider the following options for establishing a Web site focused on mortgage lending.
  *. Build a directory of mortgage brokers that specialize in high-risk property financing.
  *. Create a portal that brings private investors together with mortgage brokers to purchase new and existing mortgages.
  *. Feature mortgage brokers that lend exclusively for second and third-mortgage financing.
  *. Develop a directory of mortgage brokers and lending institutions that finance property purchases with zero down payments.
  These are only a few suggestions as there are many ways to seek or create a niche market within the mortgage financing industry. Regardless of the type of site you create, the revenue stream will mainly be generated by charging brokers listing fees and selling advertising space.
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