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Engraved Pet Tags

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  Engraved Pet Tags business.

  Business Overview

  Engraving pet name and identification tags is a terrific little part-time business that anyone can start and successfully operate for a profit. Engraving tags requires no special skills or experience, and only basic metal engraving equipment that can be purchased at industrial supply stores will be needed. Ideally, an engraving service is best promoted and marketed by designing a portable sales kiosk that can be set up in malls and flea markets on weekends and during holiday times to engrave and sell the pet name tags. Currently custom-engraved pet name tags sell for $5 to $20 each, depending on the type of metal tag used and the amount of engraving that has to be completed. The retail selling price leaves a lot of room for profit, as the blank tags can be purchased in bulk on a wholesale basis for less than $1 each. This type of specialty retailing gives the operator a lot of flexibility in terms of working hours, operating location, and expansion potential, which can all add up to a fun and profitable part-time business opportunity.
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