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Online Bed And Breakfast Directory

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  Online Bed And Breakfast Directory business.

  Business Overview

  A short decade ago starting an online bed and breakfast directory business could not be accomplished, simply because the technology required to operate the business was not yet available. It never fails to amaze me how new business opportunities can be created virtually overnight, and while being the first to capitalize on the opportunity certainly does have its advantages, it can also have its disadvantages in terms of consumer acceptance and profitability. At first glance it may seem like the Internet is already at capacity for selling consumer products and services; especially in the highly competitive online travel industry. However, the Internet is still in its infancy in terms of consumer acceptance, use, and capacity for new and innovative business concepts. Starting an online or commercial Web site venture requires the same amount of research and planning that a traditional 'bricks and mortar' retail business requires. It does however, have numerous advantages, such as generally lower initial start-up costs, ability to level the playing field with competitors, lower operating costs, flexibility in terms of operating location and business hours, and a sharper potential growth pattern. The business concept for starting an online bed and breakfast directory is relatively straightforward. Bed and breakfast accommodation operators would post information such as rates, location, local activities, specials, pictures, and contact information onto the Web site. Visitors to the Web site would simply be a click away from locating the perfect bed and breakfast for their travel plans. Revenue for the business can be generated in a few ways, including:
  *. Charge B&B operators a yearly posting or listing fee to be featured on the site.
  *. List B&B operators for free, and charge a commission percentage only on visitor bookings.
  *. Charge no posting or membership fees and support the business by selling banner advertising on the Web site, and by selling travel products and services.
  In addition to a B&B directory, the Web site could also provide information on, or act as a directory for other types of travel services and travel packages including:
  *. Guest ranch directory
  *. Cruise ship directory
  *. Airline flights, train tours, and RV rentals  As with any cyberbusiness, the key to success lies within two areas. The first is to develop, implement, and maintain an interesting and unique Web site. And the second is to get people to visit, utilize, and return to the Web site.
  profit potential: Based on revenue option number one, the business could potentially generate yearly gross sales of $300,000. This can be done by securing a mere 1,000 B&B operators worldwide to post their business on the Web site, and charging only $25 per month for the service. The potential to not only produce a substantial yearly income, but to also create vast business wealth has never been more attainable than it is now by harnessing the power of the Internet.
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