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  Dog Walker business. Dog walking isn't just for high school kids anymore. Put your energy and love for dogs into action with this business idea.

  Business Overview

  A dog-walking service is perfectly suited for people with time, patience, and a love for dogs. Best of all, with an investment of just a few hundred dollars you can be up and running your own full- or part-time dog-walking service in no time. There are various styles of multilead dog walking collars and leashes available that will allow three or more dogs to be walked at the same time without becoming tangled in the leash. Acquiring this equipment is important because it will reduce frustration and enable you to walk many dogs at the same time, which in turn will increase revenues and profits. Design a promotional flier detailing your dog-walking service and qualifications, and distribute the fliers to businesses that are frequented by dog owners, such as grooming locations, kennels, pet food stores, animal shelters, and community centers. Once word is out about your dog-walking service, it should not take long to establish a base of 20 or 30 regular clients. Dog-walking rates are in the range of $6 to $12 per hour, per dog. Again, walking multiple dogs at a time gives you your best income and profit potential.
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