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Cycle Powered Hydraulic Cycle Truck Lift

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  I do love to ride motorcycles and over the years I've had so many requests from riders that want to be able to take their cycles with them without taking up space in the back of the truck or having to pull a cycle trailer. This is my solution for that problem. You simply ride or push (if disabled) your bike onto the horizontal drive gears and idler rollers that stick out the back of the custom made hydraulic lifting bumper while it is at ground level (gravity fed to that position with the pull of a lever). Then, lock the top of your cycle to the custom (for your make/model) tailgate bracket, pull a lever, and up you go. If the cycle is disabled, there will be an optional hand crank that fits into a socket in either bumper mounted hydraulic drive gears or you could have an optional electric drive motor. The reason for two hydraulic drive gears is so that the cycle can be loaded in either direction depending on space/parking restrictions and whether your left or right handed. Both gears are designed to drive the same hydraulic pump to keep costs down. This is unpatented and now public domain and therefore royalty free! If somebody starts making these conversion kits, I'll be the first to buy one. This is an official TRIPLE DOG DARE!

  Sorry,... I had to remove the up-down bumper motion from the animation to keep the file size reasonable for those who still use dial-up modems and incandescent light bulbs.
Michael D. Grissom
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