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Ice Supply

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  Ice Supply business.

  Business Overview

  There are many good reasons to start an ice supply business. Consider some of the following:
  *. No government regulations or certifications required.
  *. Relatively low initial business start-up investment required with a fast return on your investment.
  *. Proven consumer demand and flexible business hours.
  *. Can be operated from a homebased location on a full- or part-time basis.
  *. No special business skills needed to run the business and excellent growth potential.
  *. The chance to earn a six-figure yearly income is very attainable.
  Starting an ice supply business is a great choice for a new business venture that has limited downside and many benefits. Once the ice has been produced and packaged, there are many options available to market the product, including:
  *. Selling the ice via ice vending machines located throughout a community.
  *. Selling the ice to retailers such as gas stations, convenience stores, and food markets on a wholesale basis.
  *. Selling the ice directly to consumers by establishing the business in a busy beach tourist area.
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