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Energy from a hole in the ocean

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  Here is my idea in very rough form! Go out to the ocean where it is approx 1 mile deep (but this might work also in a deep lake where it is only 500 feet deep) and put down a metal pipe maybe 30 ft in diameter (also consider only 5' diameter). Pump the water out of it and every 300 to 500 feet have a turbine in the pipe which generates electricity. Let water fall down through the pipe until it gets to the bottom where (and this is either the strength or weakness of my idea)...
  1- it has heated up so much because of friction that has turned into steam and will automatically rise in an adjoining pipe and with fans and some of the generated electricity blown up and out back into the sky or...
  2- if it has not heated up enough to form steam it should be close to it so that a little bit of electricity can turn it into steam and again get rid of it,
  3- how much electricity would it take to force the water out into the ocean at that lower depth? (probably too much), and...
  4- what does the increased atmospheric pressure at the bottom of the 1 mile pipe do to the whole situation? Or perhaps drill a hole further down into the ocean bottom where the heat increases and pump the water into that so it again turns into steam. I realize that this whole thing probably does not make any sense, but it might stimulate your thinking in some other area.
  One question would be what is the minimum distance that water has to fall to heat up 212 degrees due to friction? (as the pipe probably shouldn't be any longer than that. Good luck with it.
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