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Pet Travel Kits

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  Pet Travel Kits business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a business that prepackages everything an owner will need for a long car trip with their pet is a terrific small homebased business to get rolling. Pet travel kits can include water, a sunshade for the car windows, and plastic bags for treasures, messes, and treats. The travel kits for pets can be sold on a wholesale basis to pet store retailers, truck stops, veterinarians, and pet grooming companies. In the world of business ventures there is not a lot that can be started for less than a few thousand dollars that has the potential to earn profits of greater than $25,000 per year. However, this business opportunity is one of the very rare as it can be started for less than a few thousand dollars and selling a mere 5,000 car kits for pets per year with a gross profit of $5 each will generate an income of $25,000.
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