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Car Oven Shelf

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  This is actually an idea that was briefly used by Ford in the 1956 station wagon but was dropped and I don't think it has been used since. It is perfectly possible to literally cook with your car. When you are driving, your engine heats up to a very high temperature and on a long drive it effectively creates a perfect oven environment for food. This can be done anyway - all you need to do is to wrap your food tightly in tin foil and somehow fix it to the engine. It works especially well with food such as chicken breast, vegetables or baked apples/bananas. There should be no risk of dangerous fumes entering your food as their should be no dangerous fumes in your engine! If there is: get it checked out!
  The problem with this cooking technique is that food can easily slip off the engine and through onto the road underneath. Bye bye oven-cooked prawns in spicy sauce.
  I propose that new cars be built with a special shelf or compartment, either inside the engine or somewhere where heat can be redirected from the engine to cook the food. Somewhere that is clean from any engine oil and holds food in place. This would be particularly good in camper vans. For long journeys this is REALLY great, and it is also putting all that waste heat energy to good use!
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