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  Online Hiking Trail Directory business.

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  Trail hiking is so popular simply because it keeps you fit, it's fun, and it is one of the few sports and recreational pastimes that does not cost any money to participate in. If this is not a strong argument for starting an online businesses venture that caters to the millions of recreational hikers in this country, then I do not know what is. Like it says in a well-known movie, 'build it and they will come,' and in this case the build it is referring to is a Web site that is dedicated to providing recreational hikers trail information and tips on topics related to hiking in general. This type of online information service could include a countrywide directory listing popular hiking trails and areas, how to find them, and what you need to know when you get there. Site visitors and avid hikers, via a chat forum, could provide most of this information. Once popular you would be able to rent advertising space as well as potentially selling products related to hiking on the site.
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