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Embroidery Service

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  Embroidery Service business. Using embroidery equipment, you can personalize everything from dog collars to T-shirts.

  Business Overview

  Recent technology changes in the multibillion dollar embroidery industry have made it very easy for even a novice to start an embroidery service. Embroidery machines are now available in single or multihead units enabling the operator to embroider six items at a time or more. Additionally, modern embroidery equipment is computer assisted, meaning that the designs can be created using specialty software and a computer and then automatically transferred to the embroidery machine to complete the stitching of the design. The business can easily be operated from a homebased location. However, there should still be a small showroom established, even if it's in the home, to display items that can be embroidered as well as samples of embroidery options. Marketing the service can be as easy as creating a catalog and marketing brochure and distributing the package to potential clients such as sports associations, charities, corporations and clubs. Furthermore, consider hiring a commissioned salesperson to solicit or cold-call for business as this can be a very effective and profitable marketing option.

  Needed Equipment

  An embroidery machine, necessary fixtures for your shop (or home studio), an inventory of items (T-shirts, hats, jackets, etc.) to embroider
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