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  Furniture business.

  Business Overview

  Renting furniture on a short- or long-term basis can be a very profitable business to start and operate. There are many reasons why people and business owners rent furniture including short-term job relocations, financial restrictions, and as a way to keep business start-up costs to a minimum by renting reception area furniture as opposed to purchasing it. The key to succeeding in a furniture rental business is to first determine local market conditions and test market all aspects of the business prior to establishing the business.
  start-up costs: Start-up costs will vary depending on the size of furniture rental business that you intend to establish. However, as a cost control measure, consider purchasing good quality secondhand furniture as opposed to new furniture, and carry out any repairs or cleaning that may be required prior to renting these items. Additionally, delivery can be contracted to a local moving company to avoid the high cost of acquiring your own delivery vehicle. Investment range is $10,000+.
  profit potential: As a rule of thumb, in the rental industry always try to maintain rental fees of 10 percent per week of the rental item's value, or maintain a percentage as close as possible to 10 percent. Utilizing this type of pricing formula will make your business profitable, and the rental inventory will pay for itself with a mere ten rentals.
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