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Children's Designer Clothing

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  Children's Designer Clothing business. Got an eye for design?  Find your niche in making kids look hip.

  Business Overview

  Calling all seamstresses and hobby fashion designers. It's time to start profiting from your great fashion sense and sewing skills by starting a business designing and manufacturing children's designer clothing. There are several ways to market your finished products; you can visit local children's boutiques to see if they'd be interested in carrying your line or you can sell the clothing online with your own website and/or on auction sites. Local craft and art fairs may also be a good outlet for your wares.
  You could even host monthly fashion shows right in your own home. Children from your local neighborhood can be enlisted to work as clothing models and invitations can be sent to parents within the community to attend the fashion show. At the end of the show, simply collect orders for the clothing the parents wish to purchase and set about making the clothes and planning for the next fashion show. To expand the business you can employ independent sales consultants across the country to also host monthly fashion shows and split the revenues that are earned on clothing sales.

  The Market

  Parents and grandparents of young children

  Needed Equipment

  A sewing machine
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