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  Campground business. Rekindle campfire memories and fire up profits.

  Business Overview

  A big investment capital outlay but with the potential for even bigger profit returns: This is the best way to describe starting a campground. Campgrounds remain the single largest family vacation destinations in the travel industry. North Americans spend billions of dollars at campgrounds and on camping-related products each year. There are various types of campground operations that can be started, including a seasonal campground, a year-round operated campground, tent-only camping, trailer and motor home-only camping, and campgrounds that cater to one specific industry such as fishing. All of these campgrounds have one thing in common: the greater number of services and products that are offered to the campers, the higher business revenues will be. This means you'll want to have a pool or swimming facilities, an on-site store, firewood, washroom facilities, activity centers, laundry, holding tank clean-out facilities, and more. The better and more expansive your service, the better the chance for return visitors and referrals. Furthermore, seek to join campground business owners' associations in your area and advertise in travel brochures. Being listed in these types of travel associations and destination guides are a guaranteed way to have campers stay at your campground.
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