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Temporary Health Agency

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  Temporary Health Agency business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a homebased temporary help agency is a fantastic new business venture to set in motion. Ideally, the agency should specialize in supplying qualified workers on a temporary basis in one particular industry or area of expertise, such as the construction industry. Recruiting workers prepared to work on a temporary basis should not prove difficult, given that many people have various reasons why they do not wish to seek full-time employment including students, early retirees, and even homebased business owners seeking to gain additional income periodically. Marketing the service can be as easy as creating an information package describing the service and workforce, and distributing the packages to business and companies that occasionally rely on temporary workers to run their business. Establishing a billing rate for the workers supplied is based on market value for the hob being performed, and the agency representing the worker generally retains 10 to 15 percent or the workers earnings.
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