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  Booking Agency business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a booking agency for recreation businesses in your area and that are located around the globe is a fantastic business enterprise to initiate, and best of all it can be tackled by just about anyone regardless of business experience. A booking agency works like this: You promote and sell recreational and travel services for existing companies in the industry and charge a commission on the total sales. The tours and packages you promote and sell can be services, such as hotel rooms, dive tours, snorkeling tours, beach parties, car and Jet Ski rentals, etc. For the truly innovative entrepreneur your business could even act as a booking agency for recreation and travel-related businesses from around the world by developing and operating a Web site that promoted these types of activities to would-be vacationers and travelers. Currently recreation and travel booking agencies are charging a 20 to 25 percent commission on all packages and tour services they sell.
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