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Army Robotics

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Robot controlled by Americas Army 3 Game Software (AA3) that can be deployed anywhere in the world. The master of each robot is a real soldier controlling his robot far away from him while he's inside his office. To avoid ROE, this robot will have identification using MAC address bar coded on top of his head, on his back, on his left and right shoulder and on his right chest. This robot is equipped with assigned weapon (e.g. M16 M4 rifle, 50 Cal, Body armor, GPS, etc...).

Here's how:

1. Create a robot that can function like a human such as run, walk, turn around, look to the left, look to the right, crawl, kneel, stand, aim, shoot, fly, communicate, interact, etc...

2. Create a patch program that can control a robot using an enhanced AA3 program, satellite internet access, and a solar power system. This robot must be equiped with a video camera with built in scanner on his eyes so that a user can see the real world and can identify an enemy (not like the AA3 game that let you see only the 3D characters and buildings).

3. Give each soldier one robot, one control software that can be installed on a secured pc or mac system, and a unique access code (username/password or using CAC card). His weapon and ammo must have a unique identifier to prevent a soldier from murdering innocent people. Central HQ have the power to monitor and shutdown a robot if needed (for reasons such as ROE, not obeying orders, etc).

4. All individual around the world must register for a unique electronic identification card that can be scanned by a robot even if it is hidden in his pocket far away from a robot. The robot must scan both the electronic ID and the users fingerprint to authenticate any individual.

5. All individual that registered in the new electronic identification system can travel anywhere in the world where this electronic ID is accepted.


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