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  Ever since I started managing my own camera I have encountered the same problem time and time again. I would develop my photos and put them in the album. Then I would notice that I missed out a picture, and it was out of place. Now who doesn't like having all their pictures in exact order? Most people would start the tedious job of taking out all the photos just to put in the one missing photo. While others will just put it in out of order. But I have come up with the perfect solution to help avoid this problem.
  The solution is simple inexpensive but needs to be done. It would be marketed as the "picture perfect" solution to ensure all your pictures in the right order at all times. It would be a double sided plastic which is thin but durable quality that allows a picture to slide in. And on top of the plastic-(which will be the size of the average size photo)-will be a thin adhesive. One has to simply peel off the adhesive and gently put the plastic photo on top of the photo it belongs in front off. Thereby, creating the "picture-perfect" album you love.
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