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Roof Tune-Up Service

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  Roof Tune-Up Service business.

  Business Overview

  A roof tune-up service should not to be confused with a roof repair service or roof replacement contractor. Roof tune-ups are a proactive maintenance measure as opposed to reactive measure, such as repairing a leaking roof. The average roof now costs in excess of $5,000 to replace, and roof repairs can cost as much as $1,000 to correct a leakage problem, not including the costs to repair any interior water damage that may have been caused as a result of the water ingress. These facts can be the basis of your advertising and marketing programs should you decide to start a roof tune-up service. A roof tune-up service is simply carrying out an annual roof inspection and correcting minor problems, such as recaulking a chimney flashing before it becomes a major leakage problem. Clients can include both residential homeowners and commercial building owners. A great method to gain customers year after year for a roof tune-up service is to provide clients with a one-year warranty on their roofs. The warranty would be provided to clients on the basis that should a roof that has been 'tuned-up' leak within one year from the date of inspection, then the roof would be repaired free of charge. Warranty exclusions or terms and conditions should include situations that would not be covered under the warranty, such as acts of God, defective manufactured material, and damage caused to the roof by objects or unusual foot traffic. Creating a warranty for this type of service is an incredible marketing tool, as it gives customers and potential clients additional security in terms of the perceived value of the service.
  profit potential: Charging customers a mere $125 for the annual roof tune-up, and securing only two roof tune-up jobs per day, can generate yearly sales in excess of $65,000. And best of all, almost all of that is profit. The operating overheads for the business are minimal, and only around 5 percent of the service charge will be needed to cover consumable items, such as caulking. Once established, hiring qualified subcontractors to service the accounts on a profit-share or even franchise locations can substantially expand a well-managed roof tune-up service.
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