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Roof Snow Removal Service

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  Roof Snow Removal Service business.

  Business Overview

  Every year thousands of building structures collapse under the weight of snow and ice, and simply put, there are only two ways to prevent this from happening. The first is to build all buildings with roof pitches so steep that snow and ice cannot accumulate. The second and more viable method (as the first will never happen) is to simply remove the snow and ice from the roof before it can accumulate and cause potential weight problems for the building structure. The best time of year to promote and market a roof snow removal service is in the summer or fall, as this will enable you to build a customer base prior to winter. Ideally, customers should be charged a predetermined flat rate to clear snow from their roofs. A written or verbal contract should also establish at what point the roof will be cleared in terms of snow accumulation. On the surface this may seem to be a business that cannot provide a very lucrative income. However, with careful planning and research, you will soon see that it is very possible to create an income in excess of $20,000 per snowy winter, which is not bad when you consider the business can be started for less than $300.
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