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A Self Driving Car

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  Machines currently stamp reflectors into the road for night driving. Why not stamp in radio frequency emitters as well along with these reflectors. The frequency emitters emit a tag number and position signal for a receiver on a vehicle to receive to gauge exactly where it is in the road. The vehicle itself is equipped with 4 small radar and 2 large field heat spectro-graph things, on front and rear corners of vehicle. The small radar devices judge the distance between vehicles in front and vehicles behind. They also pick up any new entry vehicles coming into traffic. The heat spectro-graphs are for sensing living things, like little children running out after a ball, dogs, cats, squirrels, moose, deer, cows, and police officers, construction workers, anything living that usually enters the road. Instead of normal electronics that are in cars today, you put in your standard pc configuration + expansion board slots, so you will still get, your radio, cd player, dvd player, television, as such you get now, plus a hell of a whole lot more because now you have processing power in your vehicle. Now people can write software for the vehicle. You will have your basic software, which concerns safety and driving the thing, avoidance maneuvers and shutdowns. Other people may write software for vehicle diagnostics so the owner will know how parts are performing through out the vehicle. Car Navigation software can set the course for the vehicle. The Nav software will be overridden by what the radar sees, and the heat spectrograph sees as to the feasibility of proceeding forward or not. If the road does not exist, the car will know it, and navigation software will reroute the vehicle to other known roads. Maps can be kept up to date by downloading the newly added street additions, and street subtractions from the internet. Traffic congestion and flow can be managed better by knowing current volumes of cars on any given street and re-routing patterns can help make entry and exit from the cities far more efficient and quicker for us all, instead of sitting in a pile of heap of metal, doing nothing for 2 hours, more or less. Instead of having both rows of seats facing forward, turn the front row facing rear, as when this whole automobile thing started when they were pulled by horses, and finally, maybe, we can just talk to each other, get along, and have fun!!!!!!!
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